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Other writings

On addition to most writing on Laurel and Yew, here is a constantly updated list of what I’m publishing elsewhere.


High Heels and Holiness on Life as Me

“The Lord’s Servant” (Part of the Women of the Bible Series on A Pinch of Faith)

My Confirmation Saint on Muddling Through Together

Entrepreneurship, ethical business and international development

How To Pick The Right Social Media For Your Brand  on Atomic Reach

3 Small Ways to Make Corporate Social Responsibility Your New Year’s Resolution on LinkedIn Pulse

What does Corporate Social Responsibility Really Achieve? on LinkedIn Pulse

Architectural Innovation for International Development on LinkedIn Pulse

Social Responsibility in the Housing Market on LinkedIn Pulse

10 bits of advice for new entrepreneurs on Inclusive Networks

How Chronic Illness Lead Me to Entrepreneurship on The Mighty

Autoimmune Illness As a Student on Stay Gold Autumn

The impact of volunteering on young people’s personal development on vInspired (and LinkedInPulse)

Interview for A Branch Of Holly’s Blogging Breakthrough Magazine (Jan 2017 Issue) – free subscription here

Blogging and Anxiety – Interview for Roar Dinosaurs

The EU is too narrow for Britain’s global role – Article on Blueprint (conference magazine)

5 Things To See in London England  on Random Crafty Georgia Girl (as part of Solidarity Sisters)


Other previous publications include (list not exhaustive): The Conservative Woman, A New Take, SmokingDesigners, Magnate Mag, SurfaceEarth.